We’re changing the way organisations provide software training and support.

Our user-led digital adoption platforms give employees and customers the assistance they need, when they need it, as well as helping you create bespoke systems training.

Let’s make business technology user-friendly. Meet Omniplex Guide.

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Our platforms work with your existing software and systems, slotting in seamlessly.

Meet the Omniplex Guide suite

With a choice of three distinct products, you’ll find the right digital adoption solution for your organisation.

Guide Workflow Assistant

Designed for systems training, it enables swift creation of user guides that can be exported into various file formats.

  • Guide preview
  • Step recording
  • Smart screenshots
  • File export
  • Multi-language support


Introduce learning in the flow of work with step-by-step, in-app guidance from Guide, reducing the need for users to leave their application or to seek help.

  • Step-by-step guides
  • Embedded content
  • Dashboard
  • Custom theming
  • Analytics

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Guide Pro

Learning in the flow of work with advanced in-app guidance, enabling a dynamic learning experience and empowering users with enhanced workflow capabilities.

  • Form validation
  • Autofill steps
  • Spotlight
  • Health check
  • User management

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We’re changing the way organisations provide software training and support.

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Be honest: are your systems user-friendly?

Our products start with a simple mantra: Technology shouldn’t be frustrating.

Omniplex Guide is here to give users the support, training and development they need, helping them use your systems and software with confidence – while cutting down on downtime and digital blocks.

Omniplex Guide is designed to be discreet yet readily available for when users need help, offering solutions in the flow of work and eliminating the need to raise a ticket. This could be a quick fix or helping address a development need. Omniplex Guide works at the user’s pace.

Multi-language support
User-friendly design
Scalable platform
UK-based data centres

Everyone needs a guiding hand

Our products are about people. How do we support, enable and empower your users to make the most of your systems and software? Like this.

Faster onboarding

New staff get the hang of systems faster with helpful guides and on-screen support

Easy guide and content creation

Simplifies the process for both content creators and end users

Improved productivity

Step-by-step on-demand guidance with no need for external assistance

Happier customers

Boost your customers’ understanding and enjoyment of your product with clear guidance

Seamless introductions

New system? No problem. Everyone can get onboard at their own pace, with less stress

Frees up your IT team

Imagine how innovative your in-house team could be with fewer support tickets

How much can Omniplex Guide save you?

Work out how much our digital adoption platform can save you with our free cost calculator.


What do our users say?

  • Our clients are now able to quickly get to grips with using our in-house application as part of their digital transformation programme rollout. We now have a much greater capacity to scale up as we grow the business.


    Digital Learning Manager

  • Omniplex was the only company that we found where we could create tutorials to our liking without needing to add HTML code to our website.

    Lara Fernandez

    Community Manager, Gengo

  • The impact Omniplex Guide has had and will continue to have as we continue to release new functionality in our online platform is HUGE! Having a way to self-guide through the new application has been described as a game-changer.


    Change Management Coordinator

  • We felt the Omniplex Guide team was supportive from day one. The price was competitive, and implementation was easy due to the expertise of the Omniplex Learning team.


    Digital Learning Manager

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