Save time and streamline processes for systems training. Guide Workflow Assistant simplifies it all.

Say goodbye to the complexity of systems training. We’ve created a tool that will help you enhance your content that transforms understanding into an effortless experience.

Create guides with professional screenshots, convert them into PowerPoint presentations and then directly import into your preferred content authoring tool. It’s as simple as that.

What do you get when you use Guide Workflow Assistant in creating your learning?

Unleash your potential with Guide Workflow Assistant. From crafting professional training resources with ease, regardless of technical know-how, to seamlessly transforming your guides into universally accessible formats for smooth distribution.

Consistent training materials

The automatic screenshot feature ensures each step is visually uniform across all materials.

Efficient workflow

Streamline your course creation process and appreciate the time you’ll save by GWA’s automatic screenshot capture and the seamless integration.


Upgradable to fully interactive versions as your needs grow.

Flexible and versatile

Choose from multiple export formats to match your project’s needs.

Seamless integration

Import your guides effortlessly into your authoring tool for a smooth transition to your LMS.


GWA makes it easy for anyone to create professional training resources, regardless of their technical skill level.

Guide Workflow Assistant

Make the creation of professional training materials a breeze and ensure effective learning and seamless user experiences.

It’s not just about creating content, it’s about elevating the learning experience. Uncomplicated, flexible, and engaging – that’s GWA.

Intuitive guides that elevate learning experiences 

Create engaging learning experiences by providing employees with step-by-step guidance on key workflows. Introduce users to interfaces and walk them through processes, ensuring they understand and follow the correct procedures.

Boost engagement with embedded content

Add a splash of creativity to your learning content by embedding a variety of multimedia content, transforming standard training into interactive, visually stimulating learning experiences.

Convenient outputs for diverse application

With GWA’s seamless export and import functionality, creating and distributing learning content becomes a breeze. Effortlessly export your guides into PowerPoint presentations, Zip files, or PDF documents and use as you please.

Looking to collaborate within your organisation when creating learning content?

 Guide Workflow Assistant enables you to extend access to your system experts, fostering enhanced collaboration and knowledge sharing. Create, collaborate, and conquer your learning goals with Guide Workflow Assistant.

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