Guide workflow assistant

Simplify your systems training with Guide Workflow Assistant.

Create detailed step-by-step guides with sleek screenshots, converting them into PowerPoint presentations and directly import them into your favourite content authoring tool.

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Content creation is simple and efficient with Guide Workflow Assistant

GWA enables swift creation of user guides that can be exported into various file formats. Fostering collaboration with subject matter experts by enabling swift guide sharing before system creation begins, enhancing productivity and efficiency.


Tools such as our step recorder help you create high-quality guides, without the need for additional software. Effortlessly screen-capture consistent, professional content to make step-by-step guidelines for users.


You don’t need any publishing expertise with GWA. Once you’ve finished creating your guides, easily convert them to PowerPoint, ZIP files or PDFs, and import them into your LMS or sharing system.


Leveraging on the intuitive capabilities of GWA, you can keep building your content so you have a library of helpful guides for users to learn from.

How can GWA help you?

Consistent training materials

GWA’s screen capture software makes sure that every step looks consistent across all training and support materials: ideal for internal and external branding.

No experience necessary

Features like the automatic step recording tool and seamless integration are intuitive and easy to use – no technical expertise required.

Improved user proficiency

By creating easy-to-follow guides using GWA’s step recording software, you’re helping to make learning and support accessible to more users.

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Key features

Whether you’re supporting your in-house or remote teams, onboarding new starters or communicating with customers, GWA simplifies training materials, while giving in-house-created guides a professional look.

Screen Capture

Allows for the creation of uniform training material quickly and easily.

Export to PDF, PPT
or ZIP

Multiple file options make it easy to incorporate your guides into presentations or training materials and access them offline.


Easily import your guides into your authoring tool to amend them, or load directly to your LMS and file sharing system.

Guide Creation via Step Recording

Helps you produce comprehensive guides without any manual scripting needed beforehand.

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