Accessibility Statement

At Omniplex Learning, we’re more than just committed to accessibility – we’re passionate about creating a digital world that’s welcoming to everyone. We’ve designed Omniplex Guide to be your friendly companion, accessible to all users, regardless of abilities or disabilities.

We’re continually making strides to align Omniplex Guide with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA – it’s our way of ensuring all users, including those using a keyboard or screen reader, have a seamless experience. And our goal? To not only meet these standards but to exceed them whenever we can.

Embracing Assistive Technologies

Did you know that Omniplex Guide can play nicely with a variety of assistive tech? Any guide incorporated into your web product can work seamlessly with popular tools such as JAWS and NVDA screen readers for Windows, VoiceOver for macOS, and even magnifying software like ZoomText.

Putting Accessibility First

1.1.1 Championing Screen Reader Users

We’ve built features into Omniplex Guide specifically with screen reader users in mind. Our application of semantic HTML ensures a logical flow of headers and paragraphs, making it easier for assistive technologies to present content in a meaningful sequence. Plus, our ARIA Labels serve as handy text labels, telling screen readers exactly what visual elements like images and buttons are.

1.1.2 Making Navigation Easy

Omniplex Guide is all about making things easy, which is why we’ve enabled full keyboard access and integrated a text zoom feature that dynamically scales content up to 200% as users zoom in – ensuring readability for everyone.

1.1.3 Your Theme, Your Rules

We’ve made sure that all features of Omniplex Guide are fully accessible, right from guide creation to the final user experience. And with our theme designer and built-in contrast checker, you can ensure that your guides are visually appealing and accessible to all.

Recognising Possible Hurdles

1.14 Website Accessibility

Omniplex Guide is designed to work alongside a variety of third-party websites. As we don’t have control over these sites, some limitations related to focus order may arise if a website hasn’t been designed with accessibility in mind. However, this is tied to the website, not the Omniplex Guide extension.

1.1.5 User-Generated Content

As users create guides, media inputs, and themes, we encourage them to consider accessibility best practices. Take a look at our recommendations for creating accessible guides here.

Improvement is a Journey

At Omniplex Learning, we’re always aiming higher. We’re dedicated to continually bettering the accessibility of our product, and your feedback is the guiding light. If you ever experience any issues or have suggestions to enhance accessibility, we’re all ears. Drop us a line at

Together, we can make the digital world a more accessible place.