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Take a user-first approach to software adoption with Guide, the ultimate SAP integration solution. 

Streamline your SAP experience and accelerate systems training and adoption with Omniplex Guide. Our user-friendly platform provides step-by-step guidance to SAP users directly within the application, simplifying complex processes and empowering your employees to maximise the benefits of SAP.

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Key challenges using SAP ERP

Poor data quality and integrity:

Transactional data is a rapidly moving target, and therefore pinpointing errors before it is too late can often be difficult. These errors can accumulate and become quite significant, resulting in lost revenues, unneeded procurement, and upset customers. 

Tricky analysis of complex data models:

The complexity of businesses running on SAP can be a daunting task to draw conclusions from, especially if the data itself is difficult to analyse in order to gain useful insights. Poor reporting methods and incorrect data being transmitted by the ERP system, leads to confusing output which then makes it difficult to have a clear idea of what’s going on. 

Software complexity: 

SAP’s complexity, with its numerous modules and intricate workflows, poses challenges for both new users and those adapting to evolving workflows in our dynamic digital landscape. As SAP continually evolves to enhance efficiency, it can disrupt established routines, requiring users to adjust. 

Why choose Guide for your SAP platforms?

Contextual walkthroughs:

Guide users in real-time with contextual walkthroughs tailored to any standard or custom process. Our guides are quick to create, easy to maintain, and instantly accessible when users need them most. Empower employees with self-service capabilities and boost adoption across SAP modules like SuccessFactors. 

Simplify onboarding:

Streamline user onboarding and empower new employees to navigate SAP systems with confidence. With Omniplex Guide’s in-app guidance, you can minimise training requirements and enable employees to take advantage of self-service options from day one. 

Ensure compliance and data quality:

Guide, helps you ensure employees follow standard processes and adhere to compliance requirements. Create in-app walkthroughs with built-in data validation to guide users through critical processes like performance reviews, ensuring consistency and data integrity. 

Reduce support time and issues:

By providing live, in-app guidance, Omniplex Guide helps reduce support escalations and support time for SAP-related issues. Users gain the confidence to tackle challenges independently, reducing the reliance on external assistance. 

Increase user adoption:

Omniplex Guide promotes user adoption of new systems and processes by simplifying complex tasks and providing on-demand support. With Omniplex Guide’s assistance, users gain confidence in utilising SAP platforms, driving higher engagement and productivity. 

Faster training development:

Develop training materials faster with Omniplex Guide’s intuitive platform. Create customised walkthroughs and tutorials that meet your users at their points of need, accelerating the onboarding process and minimising resistance to change. 

Create content in-house

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, providing your users with timely, relevant, and clear guidance is essential for success. Building guides in-house means you have full control over content but can also empower your team to become active contributors to user education. 

Expertise integration:

Subject matter experts within your organisation can directly contribute their knowledge to guide content. 

Tailored to your audience:

In-house teams have an intimate understanding of your organisation’s unique culture and audience. This knowledge allows them to craft content that speaks directly to your users’ needs and preferences. 


Your team can respond rapidly to changing user needs and evolving SAP workflows. In-house content creation allows you to publish guides promptly. 

Don’t let the challenges of SAP hinder your organisation’s progress. Omniplex Guide empowers your team to harness the full potential of this powerful platform, ensuring efficiency, productivity, and a higher return on your software investment. 

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Improved data integrity

30% increase in data accuracy and reliability

Accurate reports

Use Salesforce to make informed decisions based on facts

Motivated employees

With the confidence to use Salesforce without seeking support

Streamlined onboarding

Say goodbye to lengthy training sessions and costly consultants. With Guide’s on-screen guidance, your team can start using Salesforce right away, without the need for additional training. Seamlessly onboard new users and get up to speed quickly.

Cost-effective training

Forget about traditional training methods that drain time and resources. Guide allows employees to learn by interacting with the application itself, eliminating the need for expensive classroom training. Save money and empower your team to learn at their own pace.

Increased productivity and ROI

Guide’s guided walkthroughs make navigating Salesforce a breeze, enabling your team to complete tasks faster and boost productivity. With on-demand help, data validations, and in-app announcements, ensure accuracy and drive a quicker return on investment.

Reduced support and turnover

Engaging remote employees can be challenging, but Guide bridges the gap. Our analytics pinpoint areas where employees struggle, allowing you to proactively address issues and increase engagement. Minimise support needs and enhance employee satisfaction to retain talent.

With Guide, you can ensure a smooth transition and effective utilisation of Salesforce. Users no longer need to face the daunting task of learning complex software on their own. Instead, they are empowered with on-demand guidance and assistance, eliminating the frustrations and challenges commonly associated with such implementations.

Create content in-house

You can write and publish CRM Guides from a central location. And individuals can also make their own Guides
and share them with others.

Low effort roll-out

Anybody can quickly and easily create content for Salesforce

Do it yourself

Requires no programming or development skills

Highly customisable

Tailor content to meet your specific Salesforce needs

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