Wherever tech takes you, make sure your team can follow.

Guide is a digital adoption platform that can streamline digital transformation, or simply make everyday workflows smoother.

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A quick guide to Guide

Introduce learning in the flow of work with step-by-step, in-app guidance from Guide, reducing the need for users to leave their application or to seek help.


Create in-app guides for any cloud-based software application with our user-friendly platform. You can easily make step-by-step instructions and embed in-app content.


Users can easily access the information and guidance they need, without even leaving the application. Guide is always at hand, ready to offer real-time support.


As users develop their skills and knowledge, you’re unlocking potential, increasing engagement and managing training needs – all in the flow of work.

How Guide can benefit your business

Embeds learning in your culture

Not everyone likes asking for help. Having an easy in-app solution to software support needs normalises a culture of learning while preventing blocks and cutting down on errors.

Supports efficiencies

Not every organisation can support external training provisions or in-house IT support. Guide fills gaps by providing consistent, bespoke learning options without needing extra resource.

Intelligent Analytics

Guide’s analytic tools help you refine your training and get more people on board with the software. The more training you do through Guide, the better this intel will become.

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Key features

Guide is an effective Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) for businesses looking to support their users while looking for cost and time-saving measures, such as reducing the need for external help.

Step Recording

Effortlessly create engaging guides using our step recording feature that turns your actions into interactive steps. Your steps turn into a guide for others to follow.

Guide Preview

With Preview, you can test out your guides before going live without impacting analytics. Plus, skip straight to a specific part if needed.

Smart Screenshots

Automatically capture screenshots for each step and blur any sensitive data. Also, enjoy the convenience of exporting your guide and media to various formats for flexible usage.

User Management

Manage user access efficiently through seamless integration with Active Directory, ensuring controlled and secure access to information.


Use our detailed reports to see how people interact with your guides. See what works and what doesn’t, helping you make better guides over time.

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