Welcome to a new era of Sharedo effectiveness and efficiency.

We understand the complexities and demands that legal professionals face daily. Sharedo, an exceptional legal case management platform, has revolutionised the industry, but we’re here to make it even better.  

Introducing Omniplex Guide – the perfect companion for your Sharedo instance, designed to help organisations elevate their case management capabilities. 

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Key challenges using Sharedo

Data overload and document management:

Legal cases generate an abundance of documents and data that must be organised, accessed, and managed effectively. Manual document handling can lead to errors, information silos, and wasted time. With Guide you can quickly locate and access critical information, reducing the risk of errors and information silos. 

Workflow complexity:

Legal professionals often grapple with intricate and multi-step workflows when managing cases within Sharedo. These complexities can result in bottlenecks, errors, and delays that hinder productivity and impact client satisfaction. Simplifying and optimising these workflows is essential, and this is where Guide for Sharedo shines. 

Keeping pace with evolving workflows:

In today’s dynamic legal landscape, workflows and processes within Sharedo are constantly evolving. Legal professionals must adapt to new regulations, case requirements, and client expectations. Guide for Sharedo offers the agility needed to keep pace with evolving workflows to reflect that in its guidance. 

Why choose Omniplex Guide for Sharedo? 

Legal case management often involves intricate workflows, time-sensitive tasks, and an abundance of documents and data. Keeping up with these challenges can be daunting, but that’s where Guide comes in. 

Enhanced efficiency and productivity:

Omniplex Guide is designed to seamlessly integrate into your users’ workflow. It provides real-time, contextual guidance that is delivered right when it’s needed. This means users can learn as they work, without needing to pause or leave Sharedo. This in-flow learning approach not only saves time but also enhances productivity. 

Reduced support and turnover:

By offering in-app, on-demand guidance, Guide empowers your team to become self-reliant learners. This means they can access information and resolve challenges autonomously, without relying on external support or training resources. When team members feel confident and capable in their roles, they are more likely to stay with your organisation, leading to a more stable and engaged workforce. 

Effortless document and data management:

Users can effortlessly locate specific information within tables, rows, cells, lists, and more. This precision ensures that data is accurately accessed, reducing the risk of errors and the time spent searching for critical details. 

Agility in workflow evolution:

Omniplex Guide provides the flexibility needed to adapt to ever-evolving processes seamlessly. Guides are easy to update, ensuring your team always has access to the latest procedures and guidelines. This agility in workflow evolution means that your organisation can stay compliant with new regulations, and remain at the forefront of the legal industry.

Unlock the full potential of Sharedo with Omniplex Guide and experience a new level of efficiency and effectiveness in your legal practice. 

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Improved data integrity

30% increase in data accuracy and reliability

Accurate reports

Use Salesforce to make informed decisions based on facts

Motivated employees

With the confidence to use Salesforce without seeking support

Streamlined onboarding

Say goodbye to lengthy training sessions and costly consultants. With Guide’s on-screen guidance, your team can start using Salesforce right away, without the need for additional training. Seamlessly onboard new users and get up to speed quickly.

Cost-effective training

Forget about traditional training methods that drain time and resources. Guide allows employees to learn by interacting with the application itself, eliminating the need for expensive classroom training. Save money and empower your team to learn at their own pace.

Increased productivity and ROI

Guide’s guided walkthroughs make navigating Salesforce a breeze, enabling your team to complete tasks faster and boost productivity. With on-demand help, data validations, and in-app announcements, ensure accuracy and drive a quicker return on investment.

Reduced support and turnover

Engaging remote employees can be challenging, but Guide bridges the gap. Our analytics pinpoint areas where employees struggle, allowing you to proactively address issues and increase engagement. Minimise support needs and enhance employee satisfaction to retain talent.

With Guide, you can ensure a smooth transition and effective utilisation of Salesforce. Users no longer need to face the daunting task of learning complex software on their own. Instead, they are empowered with on-demand guidance and assistance, eliminating the frustrations and challenges commonly associated with such implementations.

Create content in-house

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and share them with others.

Low effort roll-out

Anybody can quickly and easily create content for Salesforce

Do it yourself

Requires no programming or development skills

Highly customisable

Tailor content to meet your specific Salesforce needs

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