Digital Adoption 101

A digital adoption solution could be the tool your business needs most right now. But if you’re unfamiliar with this emerging technology, your first question might be: What exactly is digital adoption? We’ll break it down and discuss the benefits it could have on your business below.

What is a digital adoption solution?

A digital adoption solution (DAS) is essentially a piece of software that overlays another piece of software with helpful content. It lets you add real-time support and guidance for users, with the aim of speeding up the adoption and onboarding speed of that software.

For example, this could come in handy if your organisation is switching to a new piece of software, like Salesforce, or moving to a new learning management system. You can connect your new software to your DAS product, which allows you to add a range of training materials that users can access while they get up to speed with the new software.

If you are aware of any blockers or common questions that crop up while people train, you can simply add some guidance using your digital adoption solution. The result is that users should be able to hit the ground running faster than without one.

The business benefits of using a digital adoption solution

Where DAS really makes a difference is when you are transitioning to a new piece of software or onboarding new members of staff.

It can be daunting to change tools or for new employees to learn new technology from scratch. They might need additional training or support from other team members, potentially affecting ROI. With a digital adoption solution, you can signpost supportive content which aids them whilst they learn. This can reduce reliance on other team members and give users the confidence they need to use a tool successfully.

Face-to-face support is obviously important as well whilst onboarding, but having a digital resource can reduce some of that reliance and encourage users to self-serve. What’s more, the information is always there. So, even once someone is trained, they can refer back to it if needed. You only need to create this information once, and then it is there for all who use that piece of software.

Support for an increasingly remote workforce

It should be no surprise that this technology is growing in popularity. Remote working is here to stay, and businesses are increasingly seeking smarter solutions to digital training and onboarding challenges.

In simpler times, a new starter could simply lean over to a colleague and ask for assistance. In the post-COVID world, however, teams are often split geographically, and it’s not as easy to provide everyone the same level of support. Having a digital adoption solution can mitigate some of these challenges by providing consistent support to your team, wherever they are based.

Digital adoption is the future

A recent report from Gartner forecasts that by 2025, 70% of businesses are expected to implement a digital adoption solution. This projection is hardly unexpected, considering the critical role that efficient onboarding and staff expertise play in enhancing ROI.

As the nature of work shifts, the need for effective digital training and support grows. Digital adoption solutions provide a consistent, accessible form of support across geographically dispersed teams, ensuring everyone has the necessary resources at their fingertips. In essence, embracing a digital adoption solution could be a strategic move to help your organisation adapt and thrive.

Why choose Omniplex Guide?

Omniplex Guide is the name of Omniplex Learning’s digital adoption product.

Omniplex Guide works alongside your existing software and lets you create interactive guides, in-app hotspots and add links to videos and other external help content from inside your enterprise apps. It also has a suite of learning analytics, helping you to understand user engagement and potential blockers.

If you’d like to know how Omniplex Guide can help your team, get in touch or book a free product tour.